Why a Property Manager?

You’re thinking about renting your property, and are wondering whether or not you should use the services of a property management company?

Although many property owners are financially-savvy, when it comes to finding tenants, dealing with day-to-day property issues or legal jargon they are left in the dark. Capstone Realtly’s team of experienced and passionate property and leasing managers will make sure you receive a reliable income stream, an excellent capital growth and the best returns possible – as well as providing you with an outstanding and customized customer service.

Here below are some of the services you will benefit from your property manager at Capstone Realty:



Based on your own time constraints, your Property Manager will effectively communicate with you, discuss your needs and provide you with answers or solutions to any request you might have regarding your investment property. Even at the busiest time, we commit to respond to any of your queries within 8 hours.



We will provide you with a free professional property photo shooting.

We will help you to create highly optimized ads and publish them to relevant real estate / rental platforms (domain.com.au, Realestate.com.au etc.)

We will also adjust the open inspection time to ensure the convenience for prospective tenants, and frequency based on weather, unit type and previous opening inspection situation.

Furthermore, we will regularly review our client database to filter & target potential tenants who might be interested in the properties.


Letting and lease starts

We will source tenants, and help them complete the tenancy application.

We will completely check each applicant’s references, including

  • 100 points identification check
  • Current / previous lease check with the agent or private landlord about Current / past rent payment and property condition, as well as cross checking tenants against TRA & TICA (national databases of defaulting tenants).
  • Affordability check, including their savings, income or other investments to ensure the applicant has the ability to afford during the lease.

We will take care of negotiation of terms on your behalf.

We will facilitate the Residential Tenancy Agreement signature through DocuSign® (electronic signature).

We will take care of bond collection and lodging with the Rental Bond Board.

We will conduct a detailed ingoing report with hundreds of photos to minimize the potential risk of argument in the future.

We will have regular contact and feedback for you through the process.

On completion of the above steps, we will provide you a copy of the signed lease agreement and condition report upon the lease starts for your records.

Then, we will review your bills arrangement and the necessary landlord insurance.


Rent Collection

We will collect rent and issue receipts to tenants.

We will follow up all late payments in accordance with our management agreement and the relevant State Residential Tenancy Act.

When needed, we will contact you to either: recommend a strategy regarding negotiation, repayment plan or termination etc… We will then seek your instructions to proceed. We will inform you about the necessary issues including lodging a case to NCAT.


Property Inspections

We offer a free pre-settlement inspection for your brand new property.

Normally, 3 months after the tenant moved in, we will conduct a routine inspection and provide you with a written report backed with photos. As these routine inspections happen, we will report to you any repairs or preventative maintenance that may be necessary.

We will conduct a comprehensive property inspection when the tenants vacate ensuring it matches with the original Property Condition Report (except fair wear and tear)


Maintenance and Repairs

Most repair requests will be reported to us (unless in the event of an urgent situation listed by NSW Fair Trading).

Whether the repairs were caused from improper use or the property itself, it is our responsibility to find out.

Depending on the weather, we will send reminders to tenants in the event of an incoming storm or extreme weather change.


Tenancy Renewals

We will always anticipate the expiration of your property’s tenancy agreement, and review it depending on current rental market conditions.

We will always seek your written permission prior to renewing a lease (unless stated in the management agreement).

We’ll keep you informed as soon as we hear of a tenant’s plan to end the lease.

We will proactively manage the tenancy agreement renewal process to ensure consistent income and minimize vacancies.


Rent Review

Regularly, we will review the rental market and advise you with options so you can receive the highest rent possible (in accordance with current legislation).

You need a professional Property Manager!

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